The Brook

At a time when Elijah needed a provision, God provided for his destiny. In 1 Kings 17:5, God instructed Elijah the Tishbite to hide himself "by the brook Cherith which is before the Jordan." Elijah had been preaching words that the people didn't want to hear and had come under attack. At the brook God protected him, fed him and provided water from a brook that didn't run dry until God was ready for him to re-enter his ministry.

Today many of those that have devoted themselves to full-time Christian service are suffering from a variety of emotional, psychological, and spiritual problems. Overwork, family and church-related stress and spiritual attack have taken a terrible toll on ministers struggling to make sense out of crammed calendars, hectic homes, splintered dreams, starved intimacy and shriveled purpose. More than 1500 pastors are leaving the pulpit monthly. Ministry challenges are literally choking the hope out of pastor's souls.

Whenever Jesus grew weary He withdrew into the wilderness to pray and seek HIS Father. There HE found strength to continue HIS journey. If God has been talking with you about returning to your "First Love", we invite you to come and renew your strength as you sit by the quiet country spring, leisurely stroll through the woods, watch the eagles soar or simply relax at the foot of the cross and commune with your Maker. Experience God's creative wonders as HE bathes you in HIS love.