We like to share some of the testimonies of what God has done in the lives of those who have stayed at "The Brook at Bethpage"

"The quiet seclusion, it's almost like time stood still!"
- Rick & Sharon, Missionaries to Brazil

"I came tired and weary from the everyday life and here was a place I could renew my physical and spiritual strength."
- Denise, Oklahoma

"His Spirit and Presence are here, there is a Grace operating for rest, restoration, refuge, and reconciliation for those who obey Isaiah 30:15."
- Duane, Missionary in Mexico

"Being here this week helped me to renew and re-focus my personal relationship with Jesus Christ, reconfirming the calling He placed on my life years ago."
- Ron, Oklahoma

"We opened the door and walked in and we felt at HOME!"
- Pat, Mo.

"I have found strength to go forward - a breath of fresh air, for a weary soul."
- Larry, Oklahoma

"The place and space is wonderful. It is beyond expectations."
- Greg, Mo.

"Solitude and stillness! It's like my home without the interruptions."
- Bud, Ks.

"I broke and then I was renewed at the cross."
- Dan, Ks.

"I needed a place to rest, study, and prepare away from all that is familiar. I was able to find that here."
- Steev, Mo.

"We have the power to face the future!"
- Arizona, Oklahoma

"It was a mountain top experience from which I could see a long way back and a long way ahead."
- Lance, Ok.

"The Holy Spirit has not ceased speaking here, the quiet and God ordained reason for being, promotes this outpouring."
- David from Israel

"We were ready to quit the ministry! We thought we'd come to The Brook and put the place to the test. Could such a place really restore us back to the place where we would actually want to go on in the ministry? God was waiting for us there and quiet and alone with Him, He gave us rest and renewal and a new hope for what He had for us."
- Chuck

"Even as I am writing this the revelation and understanding of what this place is becomes evident: pastors and ministers coming to the Father of Compassion and the God of all comfort. Where else can we go when we are in trouble? And we are in trouble when we are burned out, weary, fearful, exhausted, and empty."
- Mark