Questions & Answers


  1. What is the charge?
    $75 cleaning fee.
  2. What are check-in and check out times?
    Check-in is no eariler than 3:00 pm. Check-out time is 11:00 am.
  3. May I come more than once a year? Yes, but the cost will be $75 per night ( this includes the cleaning fee) 
  4. What days may I come?
    You may come any day and leave on any day of the week.
  5. How long may I stay?
    We offer five nights. If you want longer than the five nights there will be a nominal fee. However, your stay may be as short as three nights.
  6. What should I do if I need to cancel my reservation? Please call us at 417-628-3041 to cancel so we can give your reservation to a guest on our waiting list.
  7. Do I need to bring my own food?
    Yes, however basic condiments such as coffee, tea, sugar, salt, etc. are provided.
  8. Are there restaurants and grocery stores near by?
    Yes, see Map link.
  9. What size are the beds?
    The beds are queen size.
  10. Do you have a grill?
    Yes, 2 cottages have gas and 2 have charcoal grill.
  11. Do you have a TV or DVDs?
    Yes, but we do not have cable or satellite. The TVs are for teaching DVDs, movies, and music (we have some of each to play).
  12. Is there a library?
    Each cottage is provided with books, and some are free for you to take.
  13. Is there an agenda?
    No, you are to do as you feel led by the Lord.
  14. Do you allow pets?
    No (strictly enforced)
  15. Do you allow ATVs?
    No, sorry insurance won't allow.
  16. Do we need to bring bedding or towels or kitchen utensils?
    No, the cottages are fully stocked. You will need to bring pool towels if you are coming in the summer when pool is open.
  17. May I bring someone, like another couple or a family member to stay in the 2nd bedroom?
    Yes, but we do charge a fee for guest that are not in ministry and in the interest of other guests we ask that you be considerate of the peaceful environment.
  18. Do any of your cottages have fireplaces?
    Yes, two have fireplaces but only used during the winter months.
  19. Is there a laundry?
    Yes, each cottage has its own washer and dryer. You need to provide your own laundry detergent.
  20. Are you open all year, even during the holidays?
    No, we do not except reservations the week Thanksgiving, Christmas and the months of January and February
  21. Do you allow for family reunions, staff retreats, friend groups, or any kind of groups?
    Yes, but there is a fee for all the groups mentioned. Please call for information.
  22. Will my cell phone work?
    If you are a verison carrier you may get reception in your cottage, otherwise you may not have service. We do have a land line at the office for emergencies.
  23. Do you have fishing poles?
  24. Are there any restrictions?
    Yes, there is no alcohol, drugs, tobacco or pets allowed on or around the property.  Strictly enforce
  25. Do you have wifi and internet? No we do not. Our motto is that you disconnect to reconnect with God and family. The whole purpose of being here is to focuse on God with no distracitons.