The Brook at Bethpage

The Brook at Bethpage is a place where Pastors, Missionaries, those in full time ministry or retired from full time ministry can escape the rigors of everyday life for the purpose of prayer, study, relaxation & seeking God. 


We are so blessed that you are considering coming to The Brook at Bethpage and know that it will be a memorable time for you. Whether you are getting away to pray or work on your latest book or just enjoy some quiet time you will truly be inspired and rejuvenated at The Brook. The Brook at Behtpage is a great place to rekindle your love not only for God, but for your spouse! No distractions, no schedules and no one knocking on your door!


Welcome to the Brook at Bethpage

A Habitation For His Presence...



The Brook at Bethpage is a place that has been set a part where those serving in Pastoral Ministry can come and escape the rigors of everyday life.  There is no set agenda therefore you can use your time at the Brook for prayer, study, relax, or work on a favorite project.

Why is a place like The Brook important to the body of believers?  Statics show that every year Pastors by the hundreds are leaving the ministry, many of whom are suffering from burnout and stress due to ministry-related activities.

With this in mind “The Brook at Bethpage” was established as a habitation for the presence of the Lord... a place of refuge, rest, restoration, and rejuvenation for those needing to come and experience His masterpiece. The Brook is not a vacation spot but rather a unique place to encounter the God that called and equipped you to serve Him!

We believe when the Holy Spirit speaks to you about coming to the Brook it is a divine appointment for God’s called and chosen ones, therefore there is no charge for your stay for five nights in one of our beautiful cottages, we operate on donations from our partners and churches that see the importance of a place like The Brook.  We offer this arrangement to anyone in full time Pastoral ministry whether you personally can give a donation or your church can support your stay with a donation, no one is turned away.  Groups and anyone not in full time ministry wishing to come to The Brook there is a nominal fee for the cottages.

For information and space availability please fill out the request form.