Good Soil

Each month 1700 pastor leave the ministry because of spiritual burnout, moral failure, or discord within the congregation.

50% of pastor marriages will end in divorce and 80% of pastors believe pastoral minstry has negatively affected their families.

85% of the pastors said the biggest problem they face are problem people.

70% of pastors fight depression.

75% of pastors do not have a close friend or mentor.

23% of all current pastors in the United States have been fired or forced to resign at some point in their ministry.

One in every three pastors will leave the ministry before completing five years.

A report by George Barna describes clergy as one of the most frustrated occupational groups in our country.

90% of the clergy feel they were inadequately trained to cope with ministry demands.

70% of the clergy had a lower self image than when they started ministry.

50% of the pastors have considered leaving the ministry within the past three months.

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